Re-using yadle previews on custom website

This is a random thought so good for testing the forum :slight_smile:

I have been shooting heaps of 6k skies with my Black Magic camera and have generated HD proxies to live in the Yadle repository so I can browse them easily. In the long run I would like to make the original files commercially available via a custom website and since Yadle has already indexed the files and generated the animated gifs, I was wondering if there could be a concept where you can create a channel (or collection based on tags) that can be shared/embedded in a custom website in some way?!

This would also be helpful in cases where I need to show a director a selection of skies or other elements so they can pick the ones they would like me to use in their show.
Currently I would render contact sheets for them and deliver those as quicktimes, but using Yadle would be a lot more efficient and elegant.
E.g. the ability to tag elements with a certain tag which then can generate a page that can be embedded or used as-is for non-Yadle users.

Obviously this is not meant to take business away from Yadle so somehow this feature would have to be limited in some way to ensure it doesn’t back fire.

Any thoughts on this?


HI Frank,

What you want is possible with a little bit of scripting. There is “feature” in Yadle that allows you to associate a URL with file.

  1. You create a web server (nginx perhaps) that points to your HD proxies.
  2. You make each source file in Yadle point to the URL of the HD proxy. We can help with a script to do this for you.
  3. you create a Yadle File Channel that points to the source files.
  4. invite potential customers to join that File Channel
  5. when they see a search result, they will see a “Browse” button in the results which when clicked would take them to your web server to do the transaction or whatever.

You can see how this works on the Yadle demo site:

go to
user name is ‘demo’
password is 'password

Select the “Starlog Magazine” File Channel and then search it.

You will see a blue “Browse” button on the right of each search result.

Clicking the button will take you to the Internet Archive where the file is.

Ha, brilliant, thank you! I need to play with this.
How about embedding a stripped down/pre-configured version of the actual Yadle search? So customers/clients go to my website and are presented with the Yadle search result for, say “OHU Skies” straight away?
Also, all my clients would have to sign up to Yadle for what is potentially a one-off thing for them, right?!

In fact, I just made those skies a public channel, now I’d like to share it here so people can have a looksee. How would I go about this. People would have to go to my yadle site and log in, right?! I guess what I’m after is that I can share previews with people that don’t have a Yadle account.

You could make API calls to Yadle from Javascript, put search in your web site. Then Yadle becomes the back-end search engine for your web site.

Customer would not need credentials, you would need to have those somehow hidden in your Javascript.

Or - simpler - just create a user and password that all customers use to login to Yadle. If the FC is a group one and they only belong to that group, then they only see your “skies”.

Just make sure you have no “organization” or “public” File Channels, as they would be able to see those too.

Hmm, the approach with a group log in wouldn’t work as all my channels are “organisation”, so they’d show up for them.
The java script approach sounds feasible but I’d have to find a java developer to set this up.

Maybe I will play with my channel organisation to test the group login idea after all. Simpler is better.

Their is no “cost” to changing your existing File Channels to “private” or “group”.

Cool, I just re-arrange my settings and made all channels “group”. Now how would I go about creating a user login to see the public channel? Sorry, this may be a a RTFM question but I can only see the option to invite people by email.

you can create a user, but it needs an email address.

EMAIL ME a user name and password you want, since you are SaaS I can make a “no email” user for you.