Device won't show for user account

I just tried creating a new file channel with my user account (instead of the yadle one), but it won’t show me the device that is running the agent so I can’t:

Is this to be expected? Probably related to my other question about my account not showing the admin group despite being set to admin.
Also, if devices are not shown for certain account types, you might as well hide the “create file channel” option altogether, right?!


You cannot manage a device you do not own or are not a delegate to.

Click on ‘Devices’ in the left menu. Find the device in the list, and see who the owner is. It is likely that the owner is “yadle”. If you are not logged in as yadle, then you cannot manage indexers or File Channels for the device.

The solution is to log in as the yadle user. Go to 'Devices" in the left menu. find your device, and click on the Manage button. On the device page, click the Delegate tab and then add the accounts (email addresses) of any users you want to be able to create File Channels for that device.

Then log out as yadle, log back in as one of the delegate users. You should now see the device in the File Channel pulldown.

Ah, that makes sense now, thanks David!
Sorry for all those newbie questions again. Maybe it’d an indicator that we could use a bunch more tooltips in the web UI?