Admin user is not admin?

I remember running into this last time again but do not recall the solutioun:

My yadle account that I created with my email is set to admin, yet I do not see the admin group that I see when I log in with the default “yadle” account.
I know you recommend using the yadle account for admin purposes but am wondering why another account set to admin does not actually seem to turn it into an admin account?

Bug or misunderstanding on my part?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Frank. It is indeed a bug and we have an active case for it. The fix will be applied in the next update release.

For now, you should see that your personal yadle account now has access to the Admin section of the left menu. You can invite other users and view the settings for devices, however you cannot make any changes to devices or File Channels until you also assign your personal account as a delegate.

Here’s a helpful resource for how to do that.

Greatm thanks for confirming!