Adding user to multiple file channels


due to the fact that I need one public file channel among several non-public FCs, I cannot use the “organisation” group for any of the private channels, as they would show up for the general public, right?!
This means I have to invite a new users to every file channel I have one by one, is that right?!
Is there a better way or am I missing a more elegant solution to this?


A File Channel of the type “Organization”, will automatically show as Available to any users who are invited to your Yadle organization.

It sounds like what you are trying to accomplish would be the following:

  • Set the File Channel type to “Private” for the File Channels you don’t want accessible to others.
  • Set the File Channel type to “Group” for File Channels you want to expose to certain user accounts.

If there is only a single File Channel you want to make available to the public user account, you’ll just have to add it once to that group type channel.

Note that at this time the “Public” File Channel type should not be used. This is put in place as a future capability to expose File Channels to entirely different Yadle organizations.

Thanks Erik,
I think I get all that.
So now I have a bunch of “group” channels and one “public” channel. So far so good.
But now every time I add a new user to my organisation I have to invite them explicitly to each existing “group” file channel, and they have to accept the invite one-by-one.
What seems to be missing is a real “group” management where I can share file channels with a group (e.g. called “internal users”) instead of users. Then, when there are new users I simply have to add them to the correct permission group instead of going through the invite per channel time and time again.

Does that make sense?

Ah yes, that makes sense.

So the feature request is the ability to pre-define groups and assign users to one or many of these groups. Then you would be able to choose the specific named group that you want to have access to the File Channel and they will automatically be added without needing to accept an email invite. Would also want to be able to select multiple named groups to have access to the File Channel (potentially overlapping users in multiple groups).

Does that pretty much cover it?

Also, I suggest you change the “Public” File Channel to “Organization” type.

that sounds good to me.

I am testing the “public” channel intentionally with a collection of skies I have been shooting myself to see how/if I can integrate a Yadle driven solution in a stock footage website at some stage, which led me to discover all these permission challenges.

Hi Frank,

Some clarification on “Organization” vs “Public”.

“Organization” File Channels (FCs) are visible to every user who has an account on your Yadle instance.

“Public” FCs are intended to be shared ACROSS companies - like a FC that every other company using Yadle could see.

Don’t panic if you have a Public FC - the global sharing is currently disabled. Public FCs will likely reappear later in 2020. We will make sure we let you know and insure you do not expose anything you do not want to.

Yeah, thanks, I get all that.
In this case I do actually want a completely public page with previews of my sky library so anybody can browse them.

We are working on that now. Should be out in March.

Basically, you can make a FC that all Yadle customers can access via their Yadle installation.

Non-yadle users could access via our demo site or something similar for public/no password needed access.

Stay tuned.

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Fantastic, thanks David!