Successful install but no indexing activity in browser

So I finished the install sucessfully and can see a bunch of yadle processes running.
The local yadle directory is also growing in size. However, I cannot see any indexing activity in the web browser (I activated the Yadle Indexing Activity option but it says no data is available).
Is this just a matter of waiting?


Hi Frank,

Glad to hear install was a success. Following successful installation, the next steps will be to set up specific indexing paths. You can create a single indexer pointed at your data root path, or create multiple indexers pointing at specific folders to index.

Set up Indexing

Ah, thank you. I didn’t see that step at the end of the docs so I assumed it should be doing it’s thing already.

So I added a device path and a file channel but I still don’t see any indexing activity.
Must be missing some more steps I guess?!
Also, what is the “force” option in the device section of the web UI? It’d be great to get a few more tooltips going.


Hi Frank,

A few tips for things to check if you’re not seeing any indexing activity:

1. Is the agent running?

On the Devices page, check to see if the Last Online time reflects the current time.

If the time isn’t current, that’s a good indicator the agent is not running. Next, you’ll want to check for the running Yadle agent container. You can verify that with the following command on the system where the agent was installed:

sudo docker ps

If there is not a container running named _yadle_agent you’ll need to start the agent.

sudo <installdir>/agent/

Once started, any enabled indexers will automatically start and shown up in Indexing Activity.

2. Is the agent device enabled?

After installation of the agent, it is disabled by default. You can quickly verify if the agent device is enabled by looking at the “Enabled” column of your agent on the device page (circled in above screenshot). For any indexers set up on a device to initialize, the overall agent device must be enabled. Enable it by referring to steps here.

3. Are individual indexers enabled?

Each configured indexing path has its own option to be Enabled or Disabled as shown below. This way you can choose to have some indexers running and others off on the same agent device.

The “Force” option tells the agent to force a rescan of every file and subdirectory. During subsequent scans, some subdirectories may be skipped over if the agent does not detect any changes in them since the previous scan. “Force” will ensure everything gets scanned again.

Thanks Erik,

all of those checks seem ok, however, the device is listed as “last online” two days ago for some reason.

Docker is running though and teh containers are all there:

[frank@spiff yadle]$ sudo docker ps
[sudo] password for frank:
7f3026c60e0e yadle:geothumb_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_geo_changes_mode_geometry-thumbnails_1
e9dd8e519d46 yadle:ocr_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_ocr_1
d1b522d82076 yadle:staticthumb_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_small-thumbnails_1
18a293e76f22 yadle:exif_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_exif_1
7609156fb76e yadle:staticthumb_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_medium-thumbnails_1
f5592974a846 yadle:redthumb_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_red-thumbnails_1
33aa98158410 yadle:videothumb_callback “/tini – /bin/sh -c…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_changes_mode_video-thumbnails_1
26a97e8b1674 ohufx:agent “/tini – ./startup.…” 2 days ago Up 2 days ohufx_yadle_agent

Device is enabled:

Indexer is enabled:


Hey Frank,

That all looks good.

I would recommend restarting both the agent and microservices to re-establish connection to the servers.

As a general best practice, stop and re-start in the following order.

1. First stop the microservices.

sudo <installdir>/microservices/agent/stop_yadle 

2. Then stop the agent

sudo <installdir>/agent/

3. Then start the agent

sudo <installdir>/agent/

4. Then start the microservices

sudo <installdir>/microservices/agent/start_yadle

Upon restart, your single enabled indexer will start up within a minute or so.

That finally kicked it into gear, thanks.

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