Landing page options

It would be nice to be able to configure (per user) what the landing page looks like after log in.
E.g. For my public user account Id’ like the landing page to already show the first page of all items (same as hitting enter in the empty search bar), and I’d like the page to be in lightbox mode instead of rows.
So, instead of visitors unfamiliar with Yadle seeing this:

they would see this:

Possible already maybe?


Great idea Frank. We are informally discussing how to do this best.

Some thoughts:

  1. start in search with default search performed
  2. do #1 but preselect File Channels to use
  3. start in search with the last search terms you used from previous session
  4. start in an pages on left menu

We would make this selectable in Settings (it is there, but only 1 choice is available now)
your thoughts?


Yeah, sounds good I reckon. Just add the list vs lightbox option if possible.

right. so the options would be:

start page

if the start page is search:

  • select File Channel(s)
  • select search terms (optional)
  • select view



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