Invalid folder path

Sorry for the flood of posts today, here is onre more :smile: :smile:
I just tried to create a new file channel from another machine than the one raunning the agent, but I got an error claiming an “invalid folder path” :

The path is definitely valid on both the machine that is running the agent as well as the one I am using to create the file channel.

What’s goign on here?


Hi frank,

We love the posts! These are great questions that will be helpful for others as well to better understand some of the Yadle concepts.

You’re absolutely correct that the path you entered is a valid path:

However, Yadle does not yet know about it.

As you have specified /ohufx/lib/ as the data root, everything underneath that directory can potentially be exposed to the agent. You decide explicitly via indexing paths what ultimately the Yadle agent scans and analyzes.

So as you have a single indexing path configured for /ohufx/lib/OHU_SKIES, the Yadle agent has only seen files under that directory.

There are two solutions to create a File Channel with the path you entered:

  1. Set up a single indexer with the path /ohufx/lib. This will trigger the agent to scan everything under that directory (your entire data root) which then become candidates for File Channels.

  2. Set up an indexer with the specific path /ohufx/lib/TDR. The agent will scan everything within that scope and therefore you can create a File Channel of the same.

Thanks Erik,

I forgot I hadn’t set up an indexer for the entire root directory yet.
Will do that now…

Happy Easter!