How to disable "Get"

Is it possible to disable the “Get/Get” option? People intuitively click that when they find something they like but in our case this often means they are requesting files that are 1GB+ which really is not going to happen via email.
I’d much prefer replacing this with an option like “request element” which automatically send an email with the element path to a predefined email.

Would this be this a good API tutorial?


The Get/Send Email actions function like this:

When either of the requests are made, the agent will copy the file and send to the Yadle server. For SaaS, this server is hosted and managed by Yadle. Once the file has been copied, the server will send an email with a download link.

This means that in order for the Get or Send Email actions to work, the Yadle agent needs to be running and have access to the requested file in order to copy it to the server. If the agent is not running at the time of request, a queue will be created and files will be copied once the agent is started and emails with links sent.

A quick way to obtain the path to the file is to click on the clipboard icon underneath the filename which will copy the full path.

Thanks Erik,

I was actually aware of this but my question was if it’s possible to disable those default options to avoid files being copied to the yadle server (e.g. because of licensing issue. file sizes etc).

Does that mean even “Send Email” copies the file to the server? What’s the difference between those two options then?

We have a custom peer-to-peer data sharing system that would be a lot more efficient to use, so
I’d like to swap out the default “Get” and “Send Email” options for a custom “Request Element” which sends a pre-formatted text including the element path to a pre-defined email address. I can then react to that request and, if appropriate, use our own data sharing solution to send the file(s).



Yes, both will copy the file to the server. The difference being the “Get” will send it to the email of the currently logged in Yadle user, whereas “Send Email” will allow you to specify a different email address.

I’ll have @david chime in regarding the ability to swap out the default “Get” and “Send Email” actions in for a custom “Request Element”.

Ah, of course, thanks Erik.