How to configure thumbnail sizes

I checked the article “Deep Dive: Thumbnailing Microservice”, but am wondering how to simply adjust the default thumbnail sizes rather than writing my own thumbnail service.
Currently Yadle tells me that all defaults are set to small (see below).
How can I utilise the medium and large settings?

As you may have realized from the Thumbnailing Microservice article, videos and 3d file types do not currently receive medium sized thumbnails. Instead, the generated small thumbs for these file types are joined together to create scrubbable previews.

Images and document file types will receive both a small and medium sized thumbnail. The medium thumb is displayed on the ‘File Details’ page as well as in the carousel view when the small thumbnail is clicked on.

When it comes to image sequences, both small and medium thumbnails are generated, however only the small scrubbable preview is displayed. To view the medium thumbnails for individual frames of a sequence, turn off the toggle next to “Hide Sequence Files”.

Performing a new search will now show each individual frame of a sequence in the results. You can view the medium thumb of a specific frame in the carousel or on the ‘File Details’ page.

There is currently no way for a user to easily change the size of the generated small or medium thumbnails.

Would the medium size be a suitable resolution for the scrubbable previews of videos, image sequences, and 3d files (640px width) ?

Thanks Erik,

I remember this being a road block for me last time as well.
We really need larger sized previews somewhere in this workflow for both video formats and file sequences to be able to work effectively (many elements just can’t be assessed at 200px wide).
640px wide would definitely be a much better option, it would be great to test this.

I seem to remember that last time I mentioned this limitation I was told that it was just a matter of modifying the respective microservice?!