Global exclusion list

Another item we discussed taht I am just logging here for posterity:
It would be very helpful to be able to define an ecxlusion list for files that should never show up in search results, e.g. *.RMD
There are many metadata files, and other bits that just get in the way when browsing (at least in our library).


Hi Frank,

Do you see this as solely being used to exclude files by extension?


No, maybe offer that as s simple solution along with excluding directories by full path.
Then maybe an advanced option that allows for entering a regex on the entire file path?

Just picking up on this as this. What is the prescribed workflow to prevent certain files from showing in Yadle?

E.g. I have a bunch of custom files called “PUBLISH” which should never show up.
Should these excluded files be dealt with by the indexer or by the view?

I know you can exclude stuff in the search bar, but I’m still after a global exclusion list for all files that should never be part of Yadle.


Hey frank,

You can find the global list of rules that the Yadle agent follows to determine what is excluded from being scanned here.

Currently it isn’t possible for users to modify or add to these rules.

Regarding your files named “PUBLISHED”, the keyword “PUBLISHED” could be added to the list of keyword rules to exclude, however this would also exclude any other files that may contain “published” anywhere in its full path.

Thanks Erik,

I think this is a feature request then which is very important to us, as it would significantly clean up any and all search results in Yadle.

Ideally it could just be implemented as a view filter so that it can be edited on the fly without the need for re-indexing, though I feel that both, exclusion from indexting AND exclusion from just the view are very important workflows.