Getting Started with Yadle - Resources

Search By Keywords
With Yadle, you can find files by searching for their filename, metadata, path, tags, and comments, all at the same time. This enables you to always find files even when you don’t know the exact filename or know only little about a specific file. Discover the basics of searching with Yadle.

Search By Tags
A tag is a label added to a file, either automatically or manually. You can add as many tags to a file as you want. When you tag a file, all duplicates of the file, regardless of filename or location, get the same tag. Tags do not modify your files or change their location.

Search By Properties
Every file indexed by Yadle has specific properties that provide, amongst other things, information related to where the file is located, its size, age, and file extension. You can search Yadle using many of these properties, however, some of the search results will cover a larger subset than may be desired.

Searching with Yadle and Getting Started Guide - PDF
This document provides a basic understanding of how to search with Yadle along with useful search tips.

Yadle Cheat Sheet - PDF
This Cheat Sheet is useful reference sheet that can be used to refresh your memory on Yadle basics including the various ways to search for files.