Finding files that are offline

Is there anyway for Yadle to find files that have been written off to LTO or otherwise backed-up? One of problems is find files from previous work so we can reuse it. Can Yadle search tape catalogs or interface to a tape storage device?

Yes! Searching for files that have been archived to tape or offline storage is a powerful use case of Yadle.

Yadle will need to “know” about the files stored on an LTO or other offline storage, and we can work with you to come up with a strategy for scanning files that are already archived as well as fit into your existing pipeline to scan files before being sent offline.

As you are aware, direct search of an LTO is painfully slow. With Yadle you can quickly search, find, and preview your assets before requesting to bring the file back online.

Hi vfxbob,

Yadle can also be used to find files that may have been deleted, or help you find a copy - perhaps with a different name - of a deleted file you need.

Once a file has been scanned by Yadle, it will remain searchable with all metadata and (if applicable) a thumbnail.