Desktop app plugins

The Yadle desktop app - having access to the local filesystem - allows users to open files from their search results.

The action menu can be customized and extended with plugins to do exactly what you want.

Example desktop plugins have been written in bash and python and published on our public Github.

Some of the examples are:

  • copy the file into a custom folder
  • show the file in File Explorer
  • preview the file
  • print the file
  • etc.

Use these examples as a framework for building your own custom plugins for the Yadle desktop app.

Check out our blog post which provides a step by step guide for implementing custom plugins to the Yadle desktop app.

Example plugins for the Desktop App have been added for Windows. These examples are PowerShell scripts that do the following:

  • Set Destination Folder or “Bucket”
  • Add Selected File to “Bucket”
  • Open File in Windows Explorer

Use these examples as templates for creating your own customized plug-ins for the Yadle Desktop App on Windows.

Deploying plugins for your Yadle desktop app has never been easier. Updated installation scripts available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Some new additions to available plugins…

  • Add files to your destination “Bucket” in bulk. All selected files will be copied to your bucket folder.
  • Tag files as #favorite with just the click of your mouse. No manual keyboard entry.

What plugin action would be useful to your organization? We would love to know!