Can't change default account's email

When trying to change the email for the default admin account called “Yadle” it won’t let me edit the email field, even though the tooltip is saying that there is nopt “@” in the email and to please update it.

It’s currently not possible for any user to change the email address associated with their account in the web or desktop app. Same for the default “yadle” account.

What is it you are trying to achieve by changing the email address for the “yadle” account?

Oh, ok, I was just trying to tidy up the accounts and saw that no valid email was assigned to the “yadle” account, so wanted to correct that according to the tooltip on that field.

In general, a good practice is to only use the “yadle” account for managing Yadle. Create a use an individual account (with email) for your daily Yadle excursions.

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