Available Viewing Options

There are several toggles that control what is displayed in Yadle search results. Other options are available to adjust how the search results or previews are displayed.

1. Result Display

After performing a search in Yadle, the default results are displayed one by one in rows. Selecting the dropdown menu will give the option to choose the default Rows or Lightbox view. Lightbox view shows an array of only thumbnails for the given search results.

2. Thumbnail

Show/Hide Thumbnails.

3. Tags

Show/Hide Tags.


Show/Hide Comments.

5. Details

Show/Hide File Details.

6. Deleted

Show/Hide Deleted Files. In Yadle, each file and revision of a file is treated as a distinct file. This means older versions of files will be marked as deleted along with other files that have been removed from the scanned storage volume. Use this toggle to only show latest file revisions and files that still exist.

7. Hide Sequence Files

Show/Hide Individual Sequence Files. In Yadle, certain types of image files are analyzed based on different criteria to determine if they are part of a sequence. If Yadle determines a set of files to be part of a sequence, only the first frame will be listed in search results with pointers to all other frames in the File Details. This greatly reduces the number of search results as numerous individual files are consolidated into a single result. Turning this toggle off will expand the results and show every individual file of sequences.

8. Results Per Page

Change the number of search results displayed per page. Available options are 10, 25, 50, or 100.

9. Large Carousel Preview

In Rows view, clicking on the thumbnail will open up a larger preview. From here you can browse through the thumbnails by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the large preview.

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