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There are many ways to access Yadle when it comes to searching for files. Find out about the available integrations and plugins and how to set them up in your environment. Customize the plugins to meet your specific needs!

Hi. We have been looking at Yadle for a bit now, seems intriguing. Where can I get more information on what Integrations you actually have? So what 3rd party products does Yadle work with, and on what platforms?

Hi Peter. Welcome to the Yadle Community!

Yadle plugins are currently available for Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of apps. These plugins put the power of Yadle search right inside the app. Search and load files directly from the plugin. Drag & drop too!

Keep an eye out for new Yadle plugins released on top of other industry leading VFX & Architecture apps coming soon.

And Peter if there is a specific 3rd party application of interest, please let us know.

You can also check out some screen grabs of the plugins on our website here.

Are there demo videos showing these integrations?

We highlight the Nuke plugin in our latest demo video. The plugin for Maya and Adobe are very similar. Check it out here:

You there are integrations to : “Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of apps”

Adobe is a windows-only app. Do you only support Maya and Nuke on Windows too?

Do you have plans to integrate to any others - like Substance Painter and Houdini?

Yadle plugins work on all platforms that the apps run on. So Adobe is Windows only, May and Nuke run on whatever platform those apps runs on.

A plugin for SideFX Houdini will be released in June. We currently have no schedule for a Substance plugin.

The Yadle desktop app supports drag-and-drop, which is not the same as the tightness of a plugin but still very useful. I use it all the time for things like:

  • Drag a search result to a local folder so I can get a copy of a file on my machine.

  • Drag an audio file from a search onto audacity, which automatically creates a new track for the file.

  • Drag from search onto Google drive and Dropbox browser tab to upload a file.

I have also used Yadle drag-and-drop with Filezilla, OpenOffice apps, Hugin, Luminance HDR.

The Yadle Plugins are supported on all platforms that the applications offer.

For Adobe Creative Cloud this is both Windows & macOS.

Nuke & Maya is available for Linux, macOS, & Windows.

We now offer a Yadle Plugin for SideFX Houdini on Linux, macOS, and Windows!